New Beginnings

February 28, 2013

Kotetsuko Yamamoto – DMP/June – 2008 – 1 volume

I think I skimmed this randomly out of the bargain bin at Right Stuf during a sale. It was cheap, and scratched the random BL itch nicely.

Basically, it’s the usual schoolboy-crush kind of story. The main characters are Keigo and Chihiro. They were best friends as children, but Keigo’s family moved overseas, and he was so unhappy that after a few years, they sent him back to Japan to live with Chihiro’s family. The story builds slowly, with Keigo realizing he completely loves Chihiro, and Chihiro’s slow acceptance. There’s complications with girlfriends from both sides, and Chihiro’s struggle to figure out what Keigo being gay means to him. You know how all these go eventually, though. This one’s pretty tame and very cute, for those who like the lighter side of BL.

It was also pretty decent for a random one-shot like this. The whole volume is the Keigo/Chihiro story, and it really takes its time exploring the emotions and personalities, which tends to make for a better story. Admittedly, it’s not reaching up into my personal BL Hall of Fame or anything. I tend to shy away from school-themed stories now, since I prefer stories about older men. And as cute and well-done as this story is, it’s also pretty forgettable. I read it about a year ago, and it didn’t leave enough of an impression to either write it up immediately or summarize it without re-reading it now. But it is good, and if you happen to run across it while trying to fill your cart elsewhere, I’d recommend it.

Happily, we’ve gotten around a half dozen other volumes of Yamamoto manga in English courtesy of the DMG, so I might try those out as a follow-up to this.

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