Sailor Moon 6

March 16, 2013

Naoko Takeuchi – Kodansha USA – 2012 – 14 volumes

Hm. Maybe I read it in a less sour mood or something, but I was really, really into this volume of Sailor Moon. And that’s saying something, because the Death Busters storyline is one of my least favorite.

I think a good part of it is that there’s a legitimate mystery going on. The mystery doesn’t revolve around how evil the enemy is, but rather who Haruka and Michiru are. There’s the usual mystery of “What’s going on at Mugen Academy!?” which is obviously the hang-out of the villain of the piece, and creepy Professor Tomoe is a hilariously obvious bad guy. But it’s more interesting here because Haruka and Michiru are involved, and Hotaru makes for an interesting puzzle piece as well. We do learn who Haruka and Michiru are at the end of the volume, but I still want to read on, because their motive isn’t clear. I also can’t quite remember what the Death Busters want with the talismans. All of this works really well in the context of the series.

Also, I didn’t remember Haruka being so awesome. I forgot she was mostly portrayed as a man, and acts as such while still flirting and teasing with everyone. She’s my hero. I wish she was Sailor Moon instead.

Much the same as usual, the villains work in sort of a limited capacity here, but the in-between stuff is way better. There are still random demons that pop out that the Sailor Guardians fight, and later in the book that’s followed up by a member of the Witches 5 that is immediately vaporized after only appearing briefly two or three times. But that’s how it works. The villains continue to have character designs that are way better than their limited screen time should allow.

Chibi-Usa is a character I’ve never liked, as she’s almost a brattier version of Usagi. But she’s tolerable and humanized here, so I was even interested in her role in the story. I hope this trend continues through the SuperS arc, which I know features her heavily.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a lot of awesome stuff in the next volume. Setsuna appears on the last page, and I’m all over her showing up and being awesome, even if it doesn’t quite make sense in the context of the series.

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