Expecting the Boss’s Baby

April 6, 2013

Leanne Banks / Kanako Uesugi – DMP / Harlequin – 20 – 1 volume

It’s been a while since I’ve read one of the Harlequin manga! They appeal to me because they’re short, quick reads, and at $5, they’re also cheaper than most of what you can get on eManga. So I chose a random one and gave it a try.

Kate is Michael’s secretary. While on a business trip, the two succumb to a sudden impulse for a tryst. Kate thinks her dreams are finally coming true, but Michael tells her that it was a mistake, and the two of them need to go on as usual. Two months later, and Kate realizes she’s pregnant. Emotionally remote Michael rejects Kate when she asks again how he feels, but when she quits, he realizes she’s pregnant and demands she marry him. Turns out his mother raised him by herself, and when she died, he had nobody. He doesn’t want that to happen to their child. But Michael doesn’t really know how to have a relationship, and Kate doesn’t feel like she’s loved as a wife should be.

And… that’s about it. There’s never a whole lot to these stories, and they do just about what the plot summary tells you to. They’re simple and uncomplicated, and like I said, quick reads. I hate giving this one a better review than Not For a Student, but perhaps the difference is that I went into the latter expecting something fun, and it wasn’t really a quick, fun, or uncomplicated read. Harlequin manga aren’t really good, but they are there for me when I want them, and they always deliver exactly what I expect. The art in this one is all right, and my biggest problem was probably the duo of somewhat comedic side characters that served as Michael’s best friends. It doesn’t really help that there’s not much romance since Michael isn’t really loveable… but it all works out in the end, you know?

When I plugged this title into Amazon, I was surprised to see just how many Harlequin novels have this title. It made me laugh a bit.

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