One Piece 53

April 6, 2013

Eiichiro Oda – Viz – 2010 – 66+ volumes

Man. I really need to catch up with this, because every volume is amazing. The first chapter of this volume in particular features the entire crew of the Straw Hat Pirates getting wiped out singlehandedly by Bartholomew Kuma. Seriously?! That was quite intense, especially in such an upbeat series like this. But it serves a purpose.

Meanwhile, Luffy shows up on the island of Amazon Lily. Amazon Lily is in the Calm Belt, and is populated only by women that have never seen a man before. Oda puts a lot of love in this island, and goes over in great detail that women can do all the jobs of men, and that strength is prized above beauty. He draws women in all shapes and sizes too, which I thought was the best part. Or maybe that was all the jokes the characters made while they were trying to clean up Luffy. I suppose it depends on how low class you want your jokes to be. I like them all.

The women try to kill Luffy before their Princess gets back. They’re too late, though, and the three Boa sisters, led by Boa Hancock, show up in grand style. As usual, Boa Hancock is an awesome character, and could star in her own series. She’s bratty and spoiled, and doesn’t listen to anybody. Not to the World Government, not to her elders, and certainly not to anybody else. She does what she wants, and everybody bows to her various whims. Because she’s beautiful. She actually makes this point several times. It’s great. I know that goes against what I said about Amazon Lily earlier, but it’s still funny. Hancock also does this thing where she looks down so low on you that she bends over backwards and stares at the ceiling. I don’t know. That’s just why Oda’s great.

Anyway, Luffy sees something he shouldn’t, and Boa puts him to death. Of course, that doesn’t work since he’s Luffy, and things get turned around and he makes friends with the Boa sisters. This leads into some backstory about the slaves of Mariejoa, and a little bit about a famous band of Fishman pirates. But mostly, this goes back to Ace, and we find out that we’re taking a side trip from rescuing the Straw Hat crew to go see Ace. Impel Down! I can’t wait!

And, as usual, I don’t have anything really critical or constructive to say about these. Oda is the best when he’s creating little side worlds like this, and I have a feeling that this one volume might be all we get to see of Amazon Lily. It’s a place he fills with good ideas that are simply going to be left behind, and he just runs with it. These are really the best parts of One Piece. Well, that and things like the SBS corner where he suggests that Kuma is making a bored face because he’s reading the Davy Back Fight arc. And Luffy, making friends with everybody.

Who am I kidding. It’s all good. If you’ve read this far, it’s probably because you love One Piece and already know how brilliant it is. It’s the absolute best.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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