Pokemon Adventures 5

April 21, 2013

Hidenori Kusaka / Mato – Viz – 2010 – 44+ volumes

Whenever I start playing Pokemon games again, I get in the mood to read more of the manga. Of course, I’m still all the way back on Pokemon Yellow in the manga (the storylines roughly follow the versions of the game throughout the series), and playing the game Pokemon Black and White, so I have a ways to go. But it’s still a cute series, great for kids, and it scratches the itch for Pokemon manga nicely.

Yellow learns to be a better trainer, and with a handful of borrowed Pokemon, he begins following the trail of Red, who mysteriously went missing last volume. Along the way he tangles with the Elite Four and various members of what’s left of Team Rocket. Blue and Green are also on the trail of the absent Red, and we also get to meet Lance of the Elite Four, who’s so evil he takes out an entire village and an entire surfing contest while lazily looking for something that isn’t there.

We do get to see Pikachu surf, which is cute, and Yellow is an endearing character. Also, I thought it was quite creepy when they find a little ice-shell in the shape of Red as a clue to his whereabouts. That wasn’t right. There’s also a side story about Yellow helping out a family of Tentacool and their secret hideaway, and that was cute as well. Red’s Eevee seems to be a key to his disappearance, so I’m curious to see where that’s going as well.

Admittedly, it’s a children’s series, so there’s not much here that would appeal to adults. The story is simple, cheery, and full of as many different types of Pokemon as possible. It scratches the itch when I have it, but… I’m a grown woman, and probably the reason I haven’t read farther is because it’s a kid series. Great for kids, though!

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