Alice in the Country of Hearts Omnibus 2

July 14, 2013

QuinRose / Soumei Hoshino – Yen Press – 2012 – 6 volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols 3-4

Okay, I did have to write this up, because I enjoyed this volume a lot more. I think my impatience with the last omnibus had more to do with the fact I didn’t want to sit through the basics again. I knew about the clocks and about the value of life in the country of Hearts, and I knew all the characters and how much they loved Alice already.

This volume pointed more at the overall picture, though. There was more of Nightmare (which, to be fair, I read the volume 1 section some months before I started this recent marathon, but I don’t remember him being a big part of the plot before, and talking to Alice?), and there was more of the resistant fellows hinting at their attraction or fondness, creepy or otherwise. I still don’t know what Nightmare has to do with everything, or why it’s significant for him and Peter White that Peter was the one that drew Alice into the world.

I also think the mortality thing came across much better this time, although I’m not sure if it was the translation or the fact I was reading it through the second time. Originally it just seemed like a thing that Alice was destined to preach, whereas this time through it came across much better that residents of Bizarro World kill each other because they can be brought back to life, and it’s no big deal like it is to Alice. Granted, she’s got some converts now, but for the most part, she’s mostly just talking to herself.

Most importantly, I can read volume 6 now! I’m all excited to see how it ends now, and what the explanation for all of this is!

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