Alice in the Country of Hearts Omnibus 3

July 14, 2013

QuinRose / Soumei Hoshino – Yen Press – 2012 – 6 volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols. 5-6

Gasp! These use the same translation and adaptation as the Tokyopop edition! How odd! That’s okay, because it was a pretty good one, as far as I can tell. So that means the stuff I picked up on in the second omnibus was just me understanding better after a re-read.

How was the ending? Well, I liked it. It wasn’t quite as mysterious and off-the-wall as I was hoping, but it still wrapped up all the loose ends very well. The only thing I really wasn’t happy with was Peter Rabbit’s true identity, which didn’t fit at all. I did guess what it was that Alice wasn’t supposed to remember in the real world, but unfortunately the story didn’t really go into it.

Also wondering about the hearts-into-clocks thing, ie the end of the series. So how does that work?

Vivaldi’s ball was still a fun little bit of story, and I loved seeing the Blood/Alice war carried out to its conclusion. Overall I was happy with the ending, and I am so glad that the series got a second chance. It took me forever to actually get here, but I’m glad my dissatisfaction with the first two volumes didn’t carry over into the rest of the series, too. It’s worth at least one re-read, then!

The best part is that there’s still a lot of mystery here, and a lot of things that weren’t properly explored, likely because this was an adaptation of a visual novel-type game. But there are a thousand spin-off manga, many of which have been translated into English. I intend to indulge in those books starting right now.

Eh. It’s not the best series in the world, but it definitely hit all the right buttons for me, and it’s different enough that I’m going to keep reading in the world. It is a rare opportunity among translated manga, after all. Only CLAMP offers us that opportunity, and quite frankly, I’m beginning to say “no thank you” to that. Hopefully this will treat me better.

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