Say It With Manga: Suehiro Maruo Edition

July 14, 2013

This week’s Say It With Manga focused on Suehiro Maruo, and you can check it out over at Comics Should Be Good.  Basically, The Strange Tale of Panorama Island is worth checking out, and more people should really see what an awesome artist he is.  The other two books available in English are… a little to a lot gross.  Mr. Arashi’s Amazing Freak Show is tough to read, but Ultra-Gash Inferno is not something most people are going to want to pick up.  I had forgotten about it until I re-read it for that column, then I remembered I don’t even like having it in my house.

Even while not updating over here, I did all my Say It With Manga columns, so there’s a bunch of stuff over there you can check out and catch up on.  Mecha, magic shops, manga named after places, Viz Spectrum, and others.  It’s all good.

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