July 14, 2013

Asumiko Nakamura – Vertical – 2013 – 1 volume

I reviewed this over at Comics Should Be Good, so you can check out my lengthy review there.  It was good enough that I suspended my column’s usual format so I could review that at length.

In short: go out and buy this book.  It’s an awesome read, and reminds me a lot of Tezuka’s Barbara, except more sane and linear.  Nakamura is also an awesome artist and storyteller.  Doukyuusei was one of my absolute very favorite books on JManga, and that combined with this book make me think that I would read absolutely anything by Nakamura.  Vertical has hinted that they would only consider more of her work if Utsubora does well, so I hope very dearly it does.  Anything, ANYTHING else that is even remotely like Utsubora would be a treat indeed.

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