XxXholic 19

July 14, 2013

CLAMP – Del Rey – 2012 – 19 volumes

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve spoiled myself on the ending of this series, which is why I didn’t pick up the last volume right away. I knew it would only break my heart. Mainly because it simply stops what it’s doing abrupty, with no resolution. I was pretty angry when I found about about that. Happily (I think?), it looks like a sequel series called xxxHolic Rei started a month or so ago, so maybe that will bring the resolution I crave.

Again, I’m most upset about this series because I do like it so much, and I was so excited when I first started reading it that I thought it would de-throne X as my favorite CLAMP series. But Tsubasa seems to taint those around it, and it’s a shame that some of the plot elements are convoluted and just not included in this series at all.

Anyway.  More of the one-shot stories in this volume.  Somewhat more reflective and character-focused than their one-shot natures seem on first blush, but there were disappointingly few revelations to be had here, for it being a final volume.  The first story was my favorite, since the beginning went over some of the older Japanese festivals (one of which I’ve never heard of before, and the others I didn’t realize were ancient traditions), and Watanuki wound up brewing seasonal sake in a rather creative and magical way.  Most of them are very quaint, actually, about various old Japanese wards, ceremonies, et cetera.  It’s also a bit about the time passing outside the shop for Watanuki, which is what the conclusion shockingly comes back to.  I was a bit heartbroken, actually, by the final revelation.  I do wonder how the sequel will pick up from there… but honestly?  It doesn’t even look like that change even made a difference.  Oh well.

Hmm…  still pretty down on CLAMP after finishing this volume, even though it was mostly charming.  It was just… underwhelming, and I expected better.  I’ll still pick up the sequel, because I did like this series for the most part, and I’ll hope it’s good.  Maybe Drug & Drop is good too!  I should read that as well.  I was never Legal Drug’s biggest fan, but maybe it’s better now, or maybe I’ll appreciate it more now.

Look, I’m trying not to think about Kobato and Gate 7, okay?

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