Pokemon Adventures 7

June 14, 2014

Hidenori Kusaka / MATO – Viz – 2010 – 51+ volumes

Here’s another review with some random snippet impressions.  I like this series a lot for being almost exactly like playing a Pokemon game, and it’s a satisfying action/all ages series.  But I’m kind of light on impressions after that, as it’s doing basically everything you’d expect from it.  So here are some observations from the book.

Green’s tricks in battle are both horrifying and awesome, and I loved watching her fights since she’s more about outsmarting her opponents than overpowering them.  All the battles are sort of like that (since these are kids fighting the Elite Four, for the most part), but Green’s the most clever.

Sadly, the trick thing doesn’t work out so well for Yellow against Lance.  That battle’s just so sad.  Lance is also a creepy jerk.  Seriously, you’re gonna recover from a lava dip in the most triumphant way possible?

Mewtwo is about as all-powerful as you’d expect from a labratory-grown pokemon.  He’s basically the man.  More ‘mon observations:  The Arbok tail trick was pretty creepy, and, for some reason, it really bothered me that Beedrill’s Twinneedle attack used one of his bee arms, instead of both (because, why is it called Twinneedle?!).  Or his stinger.  Another thing that this series does really well is make the pokemon moves seem a lot more clever and useful.  I can tell you right now Minimize is almost useless on one of your own ‘mons, unless you’ve got some advanced strategy going.  Here, it’s great.

I loved that the characters use the bike just like in the game!

Also, I liked the end of the volume, where there was a plot point about needing to be from Viridian Forest.  Suddenly, EVERYONE is from Viridian Forest.

One more volume of this!  I’ll have to check and see if I have it…

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