Excel Saga 3

November 9, 2014

Rikdo Koshi – Viz – 2003 – 27 volumes

What possesses us to do the things we do?  Why, when I have a room full of unread volumes of manga, would I go for the next volume of what is essentially a gag series?  Well… it’s still a guilty pleasure, even on my recent manga-lite diet.

It’s hard to explain, because… well, it’s still a little confusing and slapstick-y.  But the slapstick works, which I enjoy.  Usually gag manga fall flat for me, or I have to slog through them.  Admittedly, I think I read this in two or three sittings, because it’s hard to plow through all the stories at once.  But I still enjoyed it immensely.

And there’s somewhat of a forward momentum, plot-wise.  It’s clear that Il Palazzo and the Department of City Environmental Security are on some… different stuff, even if Il Palazzo still seems rather crazy.

But these chapters are still mostly joke one-shots.  Excel is a mailman.  The girls deal in cellphones.  They work in a hospital (which, admittedly, is really funny because Hayatt is technically dead, and also the crazy doctor).  Later in the volume, the members of the City Environmental Security… kind of breach ACROSS headquarters?  But nobody seems to really know what’s going on except Il Palazzo?  And actually, that’s funny as well.

I’m told the story begins developing more starting in volume 4, which I happen to have handy.  So yes, the guilty pleasure will continue.  For the time being, the humor is enough, but a story would be nice, or I don’t know that I’m going to pick up more.

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