Sailor Moon 8

November 9, 2014

Naoko Takeuchi – Kodansha USA – 2012 – 12 volumes

I read this some time ago, and to go with my policy to not read the next volume of something until I write the last one up, I haven’t continued this.  Though I want to, which is a bit paradoxical since I haven’t really been enjoying the re-read of the manga.  But we gravitate towards what’s familiar, yes?

The ending to the S arc is suitably epic, of course.  And why not, with Sailor Saturn showing up to end the world?  I still like that the enemies were refreshingly weak in this arc (meaning, they were mostly sneaking around to collect power and weren’t openly menacing), and I did enjoy the fact that the end-of-all-things thread in this volume was more a result of the fact the Death Busters had pushed things too far, rather than posed an openly huge threat.  I wish the manga had ended with the death and rebirth thing here, although my imagined version is much more depressing than what actually happened.  Then again, there was some actual (sorta) death, so… you know.

…and it was undone at the beginning of the SuperS arc, but what can you do?  I’m very fond of circus themes, and I’ve always loved the dream-like quality to the story here, even if it seems not to quite make sense, even for Sailor Moon.  Also, the villains through this section of story are EPIC.

Also, this volume ends on one of my favorite pages of the manga, the body swap.  So silly!  Hasn’t lost its charm since the first time I read it 15 years ago.

Again though, as much as I like the touches in this arc, I’ve never really enjoyed reading it.  I’m much more looking forward to the cosmic, near-incoherent story that comes in Stars.  I want it to be better than I remember SO BADLY.

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