Bakuman 17

November 16, 2014

Tsugumi Ohba / Takeshi Obata – Viz – 2012 – 20 volumes

Even after an extended break, this is still absurdly exciting.  I was surprised how easily I got back into this.  I remembered all the characters, and exactly what was going on.  Still wasn’t all that surprising when the mastermind behind the “manga factory” was revealed.  Of course it was him.

I loved that they analyzed the analytical manga-making process, talked about how to beat it, and found its flaw (which was, admittedly, kinda underwhelming, but makes total sense in the context of this series).  The tactic where you go back to the beginning of your series to make the most exciting storyline you can is a good one.

I also liked all the talk about the older manga artists, and their place in Jump.  Interesting, since a lot of the current top artists have had series running for 15 or so years.  Of course, the real guys are super-successful, and the ones in Bakuman are almost-gave-ups.  But still.

Shujin and Saiko are still grinding away on PCP.  I’m waiting for that to change sometime soon, probably within the last three volumes.  But next time, if I’ve been good, we get to find out what Eiji Nizuma is up to.  And Shujin and Saiko may be starting their own new series.  One that is, and I quote, “cult-type mainstream battle manga with good-versus-evil powered characters.”  Hm.



One Response to “Bakuman 17”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    Hi Connie, long time now read. Still glad to see you reading tons of manga. Mr. postman just delivered to me the last Full Metal Alchemist omnibus and the 3rd volume of Showa from Shigeru Mizuki. Good stuff. Anyway, Bakuman’s awesome too. I also managed to get my hands on all volumes of Tower of the Future from Saki Hiwatari (it was not easy). I really recommend this series (all volumes can be purchased on ebay in one pack), I like it even more than Please Save My Earth. Simply awesome. :)

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