Crimson Spell 1

November 16, 2014

Ayano Yamane – SuBLime – 2013 – 5+ volumes

Again, trying to shake off my manga funk, I’m picking and choosing titles carefully.  I was in the mood for some BL, and have a towering stack of unread volumes to choose from… but I didn’t want a bad experience to sour me.  I’m glad I went for Ayano Yamane.  She’d never do me wrong.

This was perfect, because this is basically a fantasy series with a lot of sex.  I was a little shocked by how much sex, though I shouldn’t have been, because… well, I’ve read the Finder series.  This series is about a gentleman/prince named Vald who is crippled by a curse from his family’s heirloom sword.  He turns into a bloodthirsty demon and does he doesn’t know what to innocent people while in this state.  So he seeks out the help of magician Havi, so he can go back and live in his kingdom.

Havi is an aloof magician with a fondness for really weird artifacts.  He agrees to help Vald if Vald helps him on a dragon-slaying quest.  Vald agrees, as he’s “good at that sort of thing.”

The sex comes in when Vald has to sleep at night in some magically sealed shackles in order to keep his demon at bay.  Havi takes them off and binds the demon, then has sex with it.  Because this is an Ayano Yamane manga.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I like, but it keeps it light without drifting into overt comedy (unless you count the plant sex in the bonus chapter, which is a bonus chapter and shouldn’t count).  The story is kind of run-of-the-mill, but just interesting enough that it would keep my attention without the sex.  It straddles an uncomfortable line as to whether it’s non-con or not – Vald doesn’t know what happens to him when he’s a demon… and the demon seems to enjoy the rough treatment.  At least after the first time.

I like Yamane’s artwork a lot (nice character designs, and she’s got a flair for the medieval here), and I like fantasy stories as long as they have a bit of flavor for the plot and characters, which this one does.

I wish it ended with volume 5… not only because I can run out and buy the rest of it right now, but also because this series releases PAINFULLY SLOW in Japan.  We’ve only had 5 volumes since 2004.  I’m not sure that I’m going to like waiting several years for volume 6.  But I will anyway, because that’s what I do.

One Response to “Crimson Spell 1”

  1. TMIA Says:

    So glad you’re back! “I’m not sure that I’m going to like waiting several years for volume 6. But I will anyway, because that’s what I do.” Very nice. And me, too.

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