Moon & Blood 2

November 16, 2014

Nao Yazawa – DMP – 2011 – 4+ volumes

I like that DMP keeps trying out these small Nao Yazawa projects, though it does make me wonder how popular they are.  I always kind of like her stories, but I’ve never really heard anyone else talk about them.

“Volumes” of this series are about 70-odd page chapters, which is a cute format (I’m impressed that 4 volumes came out, as this is more suited to digital – she has several other digital-only series at eManga right now).  I’m sad this sort of small paperback format is going by the wayside now, though.

The book itself is still cute.  Big, tough vampire guy is falling for his sweet roommate.  They go to school together, and in this book, she convinces him to enter a crossdressing “queen” competition at the school festival.  I think I mentioned this in the review for volume one, but this series is very 90s, and it warms my old lady heart.

Meanwhile, his companion, sometimes cute girl, sometimes cute cat, is still sort-of preying on the family he lives with, though that angle isn’t really pursued in this volume.  This is mostly just romantic moments between Kai and Sakaya.  The volume ends with the promise of another story topic, vampire hunters, next time.

It’s cute!  But admittedly, fairly vanilla.  I’m probably not going to beat a path through to pick up the next two volumes, but I will get them eventually.

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