Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 2

November 16, 2014

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – Viz – 2013 – 14 volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols. 4-6

So I just finished this book, and… I was not expecting that to happen to Eva 03 right away.  I probably should have, the way they built everything up around the pilot, but still.  That was some disturbing stuff.  Why you gotta be so sad, Evangelion?

Otherwise, this is probably The Volume of Asuka.  Again, I’m not terribly familiar with the plot or characters from the anime, so this story is all new to me.  As such, I was shocked with how irritating Asuka was.  On one hand, she’s great, because the other Eva pilots are really depressing.  On the other hand, she’s constantly dumping on Shinji, and he just doesn’t need that.  I can’t figure out why she would be tormenting him from the start, other than the fact she smelled weakness.  The collaboration with Shinji is painful, because she insists it’s all Shinji’s fault that he can’t match up with her, and when Rei proves otherwise, she gets angry and leaves.

She also, apparently, graduated from a German university (?), but still goes to Japanese high school?

I mean, I get it.  She’s not depressing, and she’s just “flawed” in a different way than Shinji.  She just rubs me the wrong way, and I hate seeing her pick on him.  I don’t even really like Shinji that much, but I suddenly find myself taking his side against her.

Also also, the part with her and Kaji towards the end was hard to read.  Perhaps mostly because I wasn’t reading her “crush” as sincere.  Apparently it was.  I was glad Kaji dealt with it in a classy way.

Otherwise… some more of getting into Shinji’s head.  Apparently his mother’s death is different than what he remembers.  His dad is even more distant than we thought.  Shinji likes the way it feels to have friends.  Et cetera.

There’s also some more history and info about Nerv.  I don’t like how this is a huge enigmatic puzzle, and I tend to shut such things out when I run across them (why should I care about Nerv when you offer me so little to care about?).  But I have to admit, this is a well-crafted story.

I love this manga adaptation.  Again, I’m not sure how close it comes to the anime, but I’m pretty into the story at this point.  I had my fingers crossed that I could get the last pair of volumes in this series (I needed 10-12, and 13-14), but alas, 14 single doesn’t come out until spring next year, and I suspect the omnibus will follow some months after that.  In the meantime, I’ll probably read 7-9, then buy 10-12 and hang onto it until it finishes.

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