Sailor Moon 9

November 16, 2014

Naoko Takeuchi – Kodansha USA – 2013 – 12 volumes

Okay!  Still going back to basics!  The S story arc is still going on, and most of this volume deals with side stories about the non-main Sailor Guardians powering up and finding their own inner Tiny Senshi.  Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter each get their own chapter, and Venus gets a double chapter where her inner Tiny Senshi is actually man-Artemis.  Then Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto re-enter the story.  YES.  If it was possible, Michiru and Haruka got much cooler while they were away.  But there’s no way to not make Haruka cool.

The stories are… about what you’d expect from Sailor Moon.  The Amazon trio, plus Xenotime and Xenolite, wreak havoc in this volume while the Amazoness Qartet sends them to their deaths from the sidelines.  These bad guys are actually my favorites, and they get developed a little more than usual here (or, at least, the Amazon Trio does), because they have to bond with Ami, Makoto, and Rei in order to get them to contemplate their inner selves.

I liked this volume for that reason, it was nice to step away from Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru for awhile.  Of course, they still have all their stuff going on.  In fact, Mamoru is dying, and Chibiusa is initially heartbroken because she falls hard for Pegasus and later gets jealous because he’s looking for Sailor Moon, and not her.  Mamoru is driving Usagi away because he doesn’t want to bring her down, and… that’s about it.  We get some development for Chibiusa, and we learn what the deal with Pegasus is, but not so much for Usagi.  Which is fine, because we normally see an awful lot of her.

So now that Saturn is back and everyone is Super-fied, it’s time to bring down the Dead Moon!  Then we can commence with the serious business of Sailor Stars afterwards.

It really is a shame I like Sailor Stars so much.  It means this story arc gets left in the lurch, and it really isn’t so bad.

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