Dogs 8

February 13, 2015

This series comes out slowly.  Once upon a time, I really liked it, and because the release rate is so slow, I will probably finish it.  But not much compels me.

There is a single fight in this volume, between Naoto and Heine battle was the only one.  The fighting in this series can be cool (or vague, depending on who, where, and what is happening), and this one was all right.  Badou busts it up later.

There is a plot revelation in this volume concerning the Priest that is supposed to be mind-blowing, perspective-flipping material.  Unfortunately, there’s not enough going on to make that shocking, or I just don’t care enough about the plot or the characters.  Part of me thinks this is unfair, and I should try from the beginning before dismissing a twist like this.  But man.  That’s pretty hard.

Apparently swords can defeat the regen abilities in this series?  Odd?  Not much else can.

Mostly though, there is lots and lots and lots of talking in this volume.  More soldiers enter the scene to shake things up.  Yawn.  Some more talking.  Apparently pretty much everyone and their mom has been genetically modified, which gets increasingly less interesting the more I have to hear about it and the more characters have it.

But!  Gasp!  The only person in the whole series who I was sure was dead is not!  What fresh madness is this?!  I will have to tune in next time!


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