Hoshin Engi 20

February 13, 2015

Ryu Fujisaki – Viz – 2010 – 23 volumes

So here’s one I inexplicably stopped reading around 5 years ago!  I decided to finish it off on my Christmas vacation.  Starting this volume, I think I know why I didn’t go back.  I’m pretty sure a lot of the most exciting stuff already happened in this series.  The war is over, and not even the final fight with King Chu was that exciting here.  I imagined the last three volumes containing something… rather ridiculous.  So far, I’m right.  Joka scared me away.  But I’m going to finish anyway.

This series also suffers for having 5,000 characters (which might be a thing I hate, considering a lot of the series I stopped reading years ago and picked back up today have the same problem).  Happily, it was easy to get back into this one because it ran in Shounen Jump, and it doesn’t really matter who all the side characters are.  The first story arc in the volume is Tenka’s fight with himself and his father’s legacy, and his attempt on the life of King Chu.  I love that Taikobo continues to insist that King Chu must be killed by a human, or the revolution is meaningless.

This all went about as planned, honestly, save for the surprise for Tenka at the end of the fight.  But that was happening anyway, so it wasn’t that surprising.

Highlight of the volume:  King Chu’s thought that he missed Dakki, even without the temptation jutsu.  It was just so sweet, even considering how much I hate Dakki.

The war finished up basically uneventfully.  The second half of the volume begins the expected Sennin end-of-the-series.  Again, I’m not looking forward to this, because there are a thousand characters and I feel like something insane and nonsensical is about to happen.  The end of this volume didn’t make much sense because of the thousand characters, and I suspect I wouldn’t care about most of them even if I had read this in sequence with the rest of the volumes.

But at least they’re fast reads.  I do want them to somehow explain… what Joka is (even though I can see she’s an alien gray, for some reason), and I want to know about Otenkun.  I’ve got three volumes to find out, I guess, and I think even more characters, Paope, magical lands, superpowers, et cetera are going to be introduced.  Hooray.

It’s a real shame, because there was some solid gold in this series all the way through.  I’m sad I can’t be more excited about the ending.

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