Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 18

February 15, 2015

Yoshiyuki Nishi – Viz – 2010 – 18 volumes

I’d been meaning to read this one, since it was the last in the series.  I put it off since I’ve only read four of the 17 other volumes.  It’s got a great creepy vibe, and some awesome art, but Jump series tend to be bad to enter in the final stages, since there’s a ton of characters and a big boss battle you know nothing about.

This one was a little different, thankfully.  The first 1-2 chapters did deal with a big baddie, and the rest of the volume was more about Roji getting to stay on as Muhyo’s assistant.  He doesn’t have a high enough rank, technically, and is contractually obligated to get a promotion, like, right now.  The last few chapters also speculate on an illness Muhyo may or may not have.  The two of them are cute together, so it made for a cute read.  And while it’s true I didn’t know who any of the characters were, I found the school parts quite charming, and I liked the variety of character types in Nishi’s repertoire.

The actual ending was very cute, even without a whole lot of prior knowledge of the series.

The volume is padded out with the one-shot that earned Nishi the full series.  The art style is MUCH different, much simpler and a bit less gothic.  The characters seemed a lot different too, but I didn’t read the beginning of the series, so maybe Roji was more business-like back then.

But really, Nishi’s art makes my day here.  It’s so offbeat and perfect for this story, and he’s great at settings, creepy crawlies, characters, items, et cetera.  I don’t like the series quite enough to start back over at the beginning (I have way too many series on my plate right now), but it’s a good read if you see it languishing in a used bookstore or old comic shop somewhere.  A bit different, at least art-wise, from the usual Jump series.

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