Alice in the Country of Clover – Bloody Twins

March 18, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas – 2012 – 1 volume

I won’t lie, I love this franchise.  I’m a little surprised, usually series based on games with relationship paths don’t work out that well.  But the original Alice in the Country of Hearts was so delightfully weird that I had a hard time putting it down.  I was delighted when the spinoffs started coming out, and even more delighted when I realized they were popular and we’re getting what appears to be ALL the spinoffs.  I’m playing catch-up with these now.

The titles generally tell you everything you need to know about these books.  “Country of Hearts” and “Country of Clover” are technically different settings.  This one was one of the first spinoffs released, and I was excited to see how different Clover was, but it’s pretty much not.  There’s only a couple different characters and events, most everyone else is there (which I should have suspected, since it’s bad business to cut people’s favorite characters out of new game installments).  “Bloody Twins” tells me that this is about Dee and Dum.  If you like girly stories, and you like Alice in Wonderland, and you’ve read the original series, that’s about all you need.  I’m not sure that these are going to attract an outside audience, though.

When I started, I had forgotten Dee and Dum were kids, which creeped me out at first.  But due to the story’s logic, they can age themselves into adults for no reason, and spend most of the story that way.  They still act like little brats, so that’s a potential creep thing, but this is an entirely fluff-based story anyway, so there’s nothing off-putting in it.  The story kind of passes over their age the same way it passes over the fact that they’re homicidal maniacs.  Otherwise, it’s just Alice hanging out with the two of them, and they call her big sister and talk about how much they like her, et cetera.  It’s cute, and the fact they keep their bratty personalities even after they grow into attractive adult bodies was an unexpected humorous plus.

The art is nice… it took me a few pages to get used to the faces, for some reason, but otherwise everything looked awesome.  This is a frilly, detail-oriented series in terms of art, and Fujimaru delivers adequately.

Great!  If you liked the original series, pick this up!  It’s a nice quick read, and is relatively angst and problem free.  Fluffy, cute, and padded out with some surprisingly cute one-shots with the other characters at the end.

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