Blade of the Immortal 25

March 18, 2015

Hiroaki Samura – Dark Horse – 2012 – 31 volumes

Okay, so you know how I was complaining that there wasn’t enough Rin and Manji in the last review?  This volume heard me, and delivered.  This is the beginning (or most of?) the confrontation between Rin, Manji, and Shira.  I’ve been waiting for this.  I thought this would be closer to the conclusion of the series.

Shira is batshit insane, and does evil things to women that I won’t be able to unsee.  He also has Manji’s arm, which has been bugging me.  The shinobi girls finally realize who Manji and Rin are, and when confronted by Shira, self-preservation and recognition of a psychopath causes them to cough up the info.

The fight with Shira isn’t nearly as depraved as I imagined, although what he does to Rin is pretty messed up.  We get some backstory where we learn how the kessen-chu work, and why the experiments at the castle failed.  Shira also knows all the ways to kill a kessen-chu immortal, and of course since he has Manji’s arm, he is also currently benefiting from kessen-chu worms.  So this fight is pretty ridiculous.

Manji rightly points out that there’s only one pair of eyes and one pair of arms between them, so there’s only so crazy it can get.  But still, the slow reveals of what’s going on are crazy, as is the fact Manji seems to have no problem with putting Shira down.  Until he figures out what’s up with Rin.

This continues into the next volume, so YES.  I’m very excited.

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