Hoshin Engi 21

March 18, 2015

Ryu Fujisaki – Viz – 2010 – 23 volumes

Ugh.  Do we really need a Sennin Tournament and a new, Most Powerful Character at this stage in the series?  I probably should have expected this.  Not just because there was an unfamiliar character on the cover, but also because Taikobo flew into Dakki/Joka’s territory with about 500 characters.  What else are they going to do?

I was also bummed that, in order to facilitate something, there was a major event concerning Taikobo.  But it lasted two pages, and there was no fanfare whatsoever.  Even though this has been on the cusp of happening the whole series.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

As cool as Otenkun’s design is, I hate him appearing.  He is nothing but an enigma, and this story has enough of them.  He propositions Taikobo at the end of the volume and explains himself, but I’m still not satisfied.

Ho-hum.  Two volumes left.  Other than a fight with Joka, I’m not sure what else we’re covering here.  Unless they really want to go into aliens.  Maybe they do.

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