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March 18, 2015

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2013 – 34+ volumes

As per usual, it’s hard for me to be fair and reasonable about this series, as my passion burns with the energy of a thousands suns.  My fair and reasonable opinion is that this is great, very funny shoujo, and any shoujo fans should probably give it a try.  Even 31 volumes in, there are still awesome character quirks thrown in for no reason.  One of my favorites here is the energy that Yashiro puts into creepily eavesdropping on the conversation between Ren and Kijima.  Pick it up, and start from the beginning.  Do yourself a favor.

Now I’m just going to fangirl for awhile.

THIS VOLUME WAS SO BORING.  I’ve been waiting three years for the good stuff!  This is Ren acting out in his role as Cain again, and everyone freaking out, and then everyone holding their heads, because they don’t know what’s wrong with Ren and/or whether he will win his internal battle.  WE’VE BEEN READING THIS FOR SEVERAL VOLUMES NOW.  I’m tired of the Cain/Setsu plot!  I want the story to move on to something else, like maybe Kyoko or Ren actually opening up to one another.  It’s been thirty-one freaking volumes.

There were two bright spots, though.  One was the e-mail conversation between Kijima (who is obviously trolling Ren at the end of the volume) and Kyoko.  Everything about this was great.  Especially Kijima preying on Kyoko’s love for cute things, and Kyoko’s war with herself about how cute she could be in an e-mail to a senior actor.

The other bright spot was NEXT VOLUME (hopefully) IS A SHO VOLUME.  I live for these.

I am sorry not sorry for the emphasis.  This volume was recently excavated from the depths of my to-read pile, and I have the luxury of three volumes of this series to read.  My heart will burst with joy.

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