Sweet Rein 2

March 18, 2015

Sakura Tsukuba – Viz – 2014 – 3 volumes

This volume brings us another Santa pair, and one more Christmas (mostly, it’s Christmas for a second in another chapter), but otherwise, just more of the changing-into-a-reindeer weirdness.  Cute, but still very middle-of-the-road, and it doesn’t look like the characters are getting developed.

It’s strength is actually in the cute sentimental stories of Kurumi and Kaito interacting with giftees.  The first story in the volume was my favorite, where Kurumi gave presents to a young boy who lives at an orphanage and tried to give candy to the kids who still believed in Santa.  How can you not like that?

For some reason, summer holidays are still a very prominent theme here.  One story is about a “Black Santa” testing the bond between Kurumi and Kaito.  Another is about Kaito’s reindeer brother hanging out with his santa on the beach and disgracing some bullies.

The second santa pair is Kaito’s brother and his 17-year-old construction worker stereotype santa.  They’re pretty cute, in that they both kind of hate each other and gruffly like doing cute, good things.

There’s an unrelated one-shot at the end about boys trying to sneak from an all-boys school to an all-girl’s school next door.  The author says she drew it as an excuse to show crossdressing, and is now embarrassed of it.  Okay.

One more volume.  Still a cute, Christmas-y read, so I’m happy I picked it up this time of year (which, because this will inevitably be posted later, is a few days before Christmas).

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