Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit 1

April 12, 2015

QuinRose/Psyche Delico – Yen Press – 2012 – 2 volumes

I was a little excited about this one, since I’d read and enjoyed Psyche Delico’s books before (she does BL… Love Full of Scars was awesome, and I’ve purchased but not read Pure Love’s Sexy Time on eManga).  Also, I like the Alice series, so there’s that too.

This was one of the first of the Alice spinoffs that came out, but I was not at all excited about reading it.  I thought “My Fanatic Rabbit” would be about Peter White, who creeps me out badly.  I had forgotten about Elliot though, the March Hare.  Though Peter is in the second half of the book, this series seems to focus on Alice and Elliot, which is fine.

One of the main conflicts is that Alice is living with the Hatter Gang, a collection of bad guys, in a world where death doesn’t really mean that much.  So they’re pretty violent guys, and kill a lot of people.  Alice can’t reconcile this with Elliot’s pleasant and goofy demeanor, and when he makes a disturbing offhanded comment towards the end of the book, it drives Alice away and into the arms of Peter White and the Queen of Hearts.

Alice is cute, and Elliot is cute, but there’s not a whole lot more to this book.  I wasn’t really getting into either, though I expect things to pick up in the second volume, since there is a situation at Heart Castle here.  One of the big downsides is that the book takes the time to explain the world and situations to the reader, which IS necessary if you aren’t familiar with the story… but if you are, it’s a bummer they waste so much time with that, to the detriment of the characters.

Oh well.  Elliot and Alice are cute, and he will probably rush in and save her heroically in the second volume.

I am also just going to put these series in categories by their “world,” so any Hearts series are going with this and the main volumes, Clover series are going in with Bloody Twins and Cheshire Cat Waltz, Diamond goes by itself, et cetera.  There are a LOT of these.

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