Black Bird 15

April 12, 2015

Kanoko Sakurakouji – Viz – 2012 – 18 volumes

This series and I have a checkered past.  But actually, I’m kind of excited to read the ending.  I lost volume 15, and had to do a massive clean-out of my to be read stacks (seriously, it was ridiculous).  I have all my volumes of all my series together sequentially again, so I can finish this up.  Hooray!

Black Bird isn’t always good to me, but this was a really cute volume.  Unfortunately, discussing it is going to be a huge spoiler for the last story arc, so I have to leave out most of the details.

Kyo and Misao have to deal with a couple situations that come up in shoujo manga a lot.  Kyo makes Misao really think about her future, and what she wants.  Honestly, she just wants to marry him and be a housewife, and going to college and holding down a job don’t appeal to her.  So they move forward on that front.  It’s pretty sweet, and not something you see very often in shoujo manga.

Also rare:  the couple talks to Misao’s parents, and discuss their future plans with them.  Parents are also usually a non-issue in manga when it comes to couples like this, so that was also a nice touch.  The scene was brief, but still, it was there.

Foes are minimal here, as almost everything is Kyo/Misao-centric.  And that’s good, because the bad stuff is kind of what drags this down, and I was half expecting another clan war thing to come up and deal with a thousand characters that don’t really matter anymore.  Something along those lines will probably happen in the next few volumes, but this volume is all about the happy feelings and good vibes between Kyo and Misao.

And actually a really, really serious issue that almost never happens.  I should have expected it really, because this is Black Bird, but still.  I did not.

On one hand, after the dark and sudden way this ended, I know I only have two volumes of bad stuff to look forward to in the immediate future, maybe two and a half.  So I’m kind of bummed about that.  But again… it’s Black Bird, and it’ll be nice to finish it.

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