Blade of the Immortal 26

April 12, 2015

Hiroaki Samura – Dark Horse – 2013 – 31 volumes

Okay, this volume was awesome.  This is the sort of thing I miss when the fighting switches over to the other warring factions.  I miss Manji going one-on-one with crazy people.

Admittedly, the spotlight was stolen by the two shinobi girls and Magatsu.  Well, the spotlight goes all around here, technically.  One of the shinobi girls works on freeing Rin from a boulder strapped around her legs in a freezing lake, and the other fights Shin.

The lake thing is made more sadistic by the fact that Shin apparently also wove wires into the ropes, so that knives would break when rescuers struggled to free her underwater.  This guy is… remarkable.

The fighting is pretty violent.  The shinobi girl’s fight is pretty awesome, though she doesn’t realize he’s immortal, and Magatsu’s commentary makes her sound like an exceptional fighter without a chance.  I liked some of her clever rigged stuff.

Magatsu is in bad shape after his initial fight with Shin, but he manages.  As does Manji, who is potentially not immortal due to the blizzard and his blood worms freezing.

Shin… something really insane happens to him.  I don’t think his end is quite as awful as some of the girls he tortured, but it’s still pretty bad.

His sidekick points out that Shin has probably killed far less people than Manji, yet he’s dying on the street and everyone is helping Manji live.  The sidekick has a beef against Manji for killing his father, who was an Itto-Ryu swordsman.  Rin fails to explain to the boy’s satisfaction why his father had to die, but Magatsu does.

Now… admittedly, I’m not looking forward to the rest of the series.  We have to settle the fighting between the Itto-Ryu and the Rokki-Dan.  I don’t really care about any of them except Anotsu and Magatsu, but there are a million characters who all have grudges to settle.  Most of it has nothing to do with Rin and Manji.  Buckle up.

I seriously doubt there really will be a showdown between Anotsu and Rin.  It’s almost pointless now.

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