Finder Series 7: Desire in the Viewfinder

April 12, 2015

Ayano Yamane – DMP/June – 2014 – 7+ volumes

Ah, more Finder.  And even more than this, as all the volumes of the series recently got funded for a reprint via Kickstarter (holy crap, I can’t believe that raised $60,000).  Again, my links aren’t working in WordPress, so you’re going to have to take my word for that.  But that’s wonderful, as someone who knows the pain of trying to track down an OOP BL book.  I hate you, All You Need is Love Volume 1!

Anyway.  This is the start of a new storyline.  After Akihito takes a photo of a politician with a hostess, the politician is embroiled in a scandal, the hostess disappears, and the club they are at is in danger.  Said club is owned by Asami, of course.  Asami doesn’t seem to care what Akihito does to the club’s reputation, but Akihito is hit by a wave of jealousy when he sees Asami with the weeping manager.  Ai, the idol from last volume, is friends with the disappeared girl, and asks Akihito to find her.  Along the way, Akihito runs into some rather unpleasant associates of Asami’s, and begins to wonder why Asami hangs out with a low class guy like him.

But of course Akihito doesn’t ask Asami about this, because this is a BL series.  Their relationship is rather stilted throughout, and the normally distant Asami is completely unapproachable here, so Akihito can’t ask for reassurance.  At one point, after crossing the club owner wrong, the club owner spells it out for him:  Asami doesn’t love Akihito, and Akihito can choose his career or Asami.  And, of course, though he would never admit it out loud, he wants both.  And he wants Asami to be a more normal guy.

It’s cute (if you read between the lines), when it’s not frustratingly distant.  But there is a ton of sex, even with the distance, which is what Ayano Yamane kind of does.  It’s also disturbing, which is what Finder does, but that’s par for the course.

I probably don’t mention this a lot, but I do like Yamane’s art quite a bit.  Her dark eyes, gritty style, and sharp faces suit this series well.  She’s got a bit of an annoying size discrepancy going on between Akihito and Asami, but it’s more rare for that not to be a thing.

The bonus story is worth the price of admission.  It starts off a little weird and confusing, with a fake scenario where Akihito is manager of a company staffed by Asami, Fei Long, and a few of the other dangerous men from the series.  Only Asami will go with him for a difficult meeting, where the client makes fun of Akihito, and makes him tie up and abuse Asami.  I was so relieved when Akihito woke up, and this turned out to be a dream, because it was far too corny for Ayano Yamane.  Not only was it a dream, it was a dream he had while passed out from having too much sex.  He then tricks Asami into being tied up and abused.  Asami breaks free, and there is hell to pay.

What can I say.  It’s the little things.

I was also deeply touched by the essay Yamane wrote in the back about writing this volume.  Apparently her father died during a rather intense part of the story, and she wrote the rest of it while horribly depressed and unmotivated.  I have to say, I imagine that being exquisite torture.  Your beloved parent dies, and when you don’t want to do anything from grief, you are forced to write porn.  I felt really bad about that.


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