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April 12, 2015

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2013 – 34+ volumes

Oh man, the Sho volume didn’t disappoint.  I think Sho is a terrible human being, but I can’t help but love his effect on Kyoko and Ren.  He gets both of them stirred up so much.  The way he was teasing Kyoko at the beginning of the volume was priceless.  I especially loved the fact he bought the last of the rice balls he knew she would like, and then taunted her with one.

But really, the clear winner in that scene was the look on Kyoko’s face when she saw Ren. There is nothing quite like the look of terror that Yoshiki Nakamura can conjure on her good days.

Sho in general is very funny.  That his manager can peg his bizarre behavior so accurately is still quite amusing (his terrifying deity faces when he talks to Kyoko, the fact she guessed correctly where he went to see Kyoko, how he knew she was there, and exactly what his reward was for the service, et cetera).

Meanwhile, Ren is sort of the winner/loser here.  He has a great scene with Kojima at the beginning of the volume, where he seems to (cheerily?) imply he’s interested in Kyoko.  Apparently Kojima doesn’t know this, and isn’t actually trolling him?  The look on his face was cute, at any rate.

Later, he’s so pissed off that he can’t even keep up his professional “Ren Tsuruga” personality, and people start to notice.  While this is kind of cool, it’s also annoying, since there’s no reason for him to be rocked so hardcore professionally by jealousy over Sho.  Jealousy he doesn’t even ask Kyoko about directly.

“Kuon” does make himself known more and more, which is the point of the Heel Siblings storyline.  I do like that Ren has a persona he hides away from people, one who is kind of a blunt asshole, the same way Kyoko has a persona she keeps from most of her professional contacts (the blunt asshole part is, of course, the Shotaro persona, but there’s also the crazy girly side that nobody knows about).  They kind of match, although I’m having a hard time warming up to Ren’s harsher side.  Then again, we haven’t seen very much of him yet.

The end of this volume though!!! While I am angry that so much pressure was put on Kyoko over a phone call she didn’t even answer, the result.



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