Blade of the Immortal 27

May 16, 2015

Hiroaki Samura – Dark Horse – 2013 – 31 volumes

Aaaand… here’s where we get into stories that involve the side conflicts, and not the main characters.  Again, I have no real interest in the conflict between the Itto-Ryu and the Rokki-dan, yet here I am, probably reading another 4 volumes about them.

To be fair, the first story arc in this volume is awesome.  Kagimura’s daughter goes into the woods with one of the Rokki-dan leaders and some footsoldiers, and get snared in an incredibly complicated and clever trap laid down by one of the Itto-Ryu and his posse of locals.  I don’t want to spoil the trap at all, because they kept hinting at this fatal situation on the mountain, and I was expecting trip wires and the usual kind of wooded mountain traps.  This one was much, much better.  More science was involved.

That doesn’t mean I warmed up to Kagimura’s daughter, the soldiers she fought with, or the Itto-Ryu baddie.  But it was still an awesome story, and quite frankly, that’s why I’m sticking with Blade of the Immortal until the end.

The end of the volume sets up another story arc that drags Hyakurin and her man back into the story.  On one hand, I really liked her, but on the other, I was also done with her, and it’s sad to see her drug back into the thick of things.  She had a semi-peaceful ending.  I want her to rest.

Her and her man are going up against one of the main Itto-Ryu generals, as (allegedly) some of the only people that could stop him and his people.  Elsewhere, Mugai-Ryu are squaring off against this Itto-Ryu’s disciples in a fight that I really, truly care deeply about.

Next volume will likely be the Hyakurin story… and I’ll probably like it, but I don’t know that I’m necessarily looking forward to it.

Also, the two shinobi girls are Tanpopo and Meguro.  I asked Google, and it referred me to one of my old reviews where I called them the two shinobi girls.  Their names are rarely used, but they’re in a gag comic at the back, so I thought I would record them for posterity.  I do really like those two.

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