Phantom Thief Jeanne 2

May 16, 2015

Arina Tanemura – Viz – 2014 – 7 volumes
this is a 5-volume omnibus edition

I love this series so much!  I’m torn, because I’ve held this one in my mind as my favorite Tanemura series for so long.  Her later work is more complex, but there’s something about the simplicity, and the easy-to-like characters, that make this one very addictive.

The story moves along here according to shoujo script.  Conflicts that come up include the fallout of Maron finding out that Chiaki is lying to her, Maron dealing with the fact that her parents may love her in their own way (which reads pretty thin to me, since they never visit, call, or write letters), Chiaki and Maron falling slowly in love, and, most heartbreaking, a story at the end where Miyako approaches Jeanne to help save her brother, and Jeanne finds out Miyako wants to catch Jeanne to prove that Maron is no thief.

That’s a simple idea, but Tanemura writes a convincing and adorable friendship, so it hurts quite a bit when we find out that’s the reason.  Similarly, Maron has to wrestle with the fact that both she and Miyako may like Chiaki.  Miyako comes right out and says that Maron is more important to her, but the two have yet to have the conversation.  It’s fairly clear by the end of the volume who Chiaki prefers, though.

I still love all the little jokes slipped in here, too.  I missed the oddball sense of humor, as Gentlemen’s Alliance and Sakura Hime were both a little more serious.  During the Valentine’s Day story, Miyako gives Chiaki a chocolate sculpture of herself in a bikini.  While looking at the school newspaper, the headline, crammed into the bottom of a panel, says something like “Jeanne Anime Announced 2 days before deadline – Honestly I didn’t want Jeanne animated but I like Toei so I said okay.”  There’s lots of cute funny crammed in here.

Gasp!  We also get the first hints that not all is well!  Chiaki seems puzzled by a comment Maron makes about how the demon servants use cross pendants as well.

Is Jeanne still the best?  So far, it’s pretty close!  I’m going to hold off judgement until I finish it, though.

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