Sgt Frog 15

May 16, 2015

Mine Yoshizaki – Tokyopop – 2008 – 25+ volumes

I haven’t read this series in a long time.  I got tired of it, as the chapters tend to be repetitive… and there’s no overarching plot.  That’s still the case, but it has been long enough that I can appreciate it being cute again.

There is a longer story at the end of the volume, about Alisa finding a small Moai head and Fuyuki and Keroro going to Easter Island to conquer/see the Moai/fight some aliens.  It was a cute story.  I do not remember who Alisa is, but that’s not very important.  She just fights, and shows up to trash the aliens, et cetera.

Other stories… we get to meet Keroro’s childhood friend, and female Keronian, Pururu.  Natsumi has a weight gain crisis.  Koyuki has a “being normal” crisis, which was one of the cuter stories (possibly because Dororo is not an idiot).  Keroro and company try to invade, and fail.

You know.  Not much changes from volume to volume.  I was happy to see the longer story at the end was Fuyuki-centric, because he was almost completely absent from this volume otherwise.  A shame, because he seems to genuinely like the frogs, unlike Natsumi.

I have four more of these to read (I think I read 18 out of sequence, as it’s not on my shelf anymore).  That will be all of them in English.

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