Black Bird 16

June 7, 2015

Kanoko Sakurakouji – Viz – 2013 – 18 volumes

So soapy!  I was pretty sure the volume was going to head in this direction.  It probably should have been more depressing than it was, but I knew there was no way they were going to go through with what they were threatening.

All the same… hoo, there’s a topic I’ve never seen come up in a shoujo manga before.

The relationship between Kyo and Misao got about 1000 times more passionate here, which doesn’t seem possible, because it was already hot and heavy.  But here it is.  You’d think I would be over these two now, but this is why I read shoujo manga.  To hear them talk about killing themselves if the other died.  They do that a lot here.

But… the plot goes back to the boring business of researching Senka Maiden prophecy at the end of this volume.  Ho-hum.  Although… while they’re doing that, the emphasis is still on Kyo and Misao’s relationship, so I prefer this to yet another friend-turned-foe brother-against-brother threat.  And their relationship only gets cuter, after getting over the dark stuff.

Admittedly, I am kind of done with this series.  Even with all the Kyo and Misao, this is pretty dark, and I can see where it’s going from here.  I’m just going through the motions of Kyo and Misao being miserable.  All the same, as I said last time, I do like Black Bird, so I owe it to myself to read the ending.  I’m hoping there’s a little more to savor in the last couple volumes, though.

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