Crimson Spell 4

June 7, 2015

Ayano Yamane – SuBLime – 2014 – 5+ volumes

Vald and Havi are having a fight through most of this volume, and both agree it would be better not to pursue a relationship.  But Vald’s sorta-control over his demon powers has suddenly made him more reckless, which Havi disapproves of.  Vald disregards him, and when Havi points out that Vald doesn’t even need him to control the demon powers anymore, the two sorta sulk until Havi leaves and Vald chases after him.

I know the summary I just gave was mostly about the relationship (which is obviously very important in a BL series), but I still love the fantasy stuff that’s going on.  There are two dragons slain in this volume, and Havi’s skills as a sorcerer are what cause him to seek gainful employment elsewhere.  The gang stops at a town with a magical gate that requires a seal to pass.  In addition, this kingdom is not friendly with Vald’s kingdom, and there’s the chance someone could recognize him as the Crown Prince.  They are traveling to seek a sorcerer (someone Lim knows), the magician who is apparently enchanting weapons like Vald’s sword with demons to build an army, in order to get him to break Vald’s curse.

We also get a juicy tidbit that almost everyone who fuses with a demon dies, so that Vald can cope is rare indeed, and he will probably be captured by said sorcerer.  Hm.  Plus, we have the magicians/demons that were fighting Vald and Havi in volume 2, who still aren’t beaten, and I’m not sure if they’re related to the big bad sorcerer or not.

Admittedly, the fantasy stuff is a little ill-defined, but it works, and Yamane is keeping the story moving through mini-arcs with the fantasy elements.  It’s all I ask.  Fantasy and demons are a major weakness of mine, and I’m loving every page of this.

I’m a little concerned that the traveling party has grown so large.  I liked Vald, Havi, and Rulca, but after the dust settled in the last volume, somehow they now travel with Rein (who’s spying on Havi), Mars (I don’t know why, but he’s awesome), and briefly Lim (who seems to know about the sorcerer that cursed Vald’s sword).  So far it works, but they are already interrupting private/personal time between Vald and Havi.  Hm.

The storyline at the end of the volume where Vald has to sneak into the castle to speak to Havi is tied into the bonus story from last volume.  That’s also the only sex scene in the volume (Gasp!  Again!), but it is spectacular.

Yamane’s art is once again fabulous (the costumes in the above sex scene are a big part of what make it great), but I just realized in this volume that she can’t draw ears from behind.  Now I can’t unsee it, and it’s bothering me.  It’s weird, because I just picked up the first volume of Finder, and they’re fine there, but there’s a lot less heads drawn from behind.  Maybe these chapters were rushed or something?  The art look awesome otherwise, it’s an odd thing to stumble over.

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