Ikigami 8

June 7, 2015

Motoro Mase – Viz – 2012 – 10 volumes

This is the last volume of Ikigami I have, and I’m trying to figure out whether I want the last two.  It’s just… so depressing.  Each volume finds new and different ways to bum me out completely.

For instance, the first story here is about a man who accidentally hits and kills a pedestrian in his car.  He goes to prison for 18 months, and comes back out thinking himself human garbage.  He wants to kill himself, but doesn’t have the courage.  He tries to give his life meaning, but isn’t really succeeding.  When he gets the Ikigami, he thanks the delivery man.

So we’ve finally gotten to the point where the characters are so depressing, even without the Ikigami, that they welcome death.  You can see why I don’t rush into the sweet embrace of this story very often.

The second story is kind of a Helter Skelter/Clothes Called Fat-type thing, about a guy who can’t stand the way he looks, so he has cosmetic surgery.  After the cosmetic surgery, he can’t stand being the butt of jokes about cosmetic surgery, despite the fact that the confidence boost helps his performance at work.  This is also about his childhood crush, who is also an insecure wreck about her looks.

Admittedly, the second story has a happier ending than most of them.

The… overarching series plot about the messenger coasts along in this volume, too.  He’s not really directly involved, but he’s definitely being watched by the Chief Examiner, which could be bad?  Except I’m not sure why.  They live in a scary Mega City One police state, but he doesn’t appear to be breaking any laws?

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