Alice in the Country of Clover – Cheshire Cat Waltz 2

June 16, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2012 – 7 volumes

You know, I keep forgetting to mention… one of my favorite things about these spin-offs is that Peter White usually speaks in rhymes.  They aren’t quite couplets, and he doesn’t always rhyme his lines, but most of the time he does.  He’s still majorly creepy, but it always amuses me when he gets into a fight with someone and is screaming his arguments in rhymes.  Last volume was probably the best, where he had a handful of surprisingly naughty lines that rhymed, and usually got cut off before he said the rhyming naughty word.

In this volume he reverts to rabbit form to nuzzle in Alice’s arms and make Boris angry.  The fact that Alice seems attracted to the animal parts of her boyfriends in this series is also amusing to me.  He does make a really cute rabbit, though.  The panel of him pulling on her skirt with his little rabbit paws and looking up at her with his cute little rabbit face and little dapper rabbit-size uniform is too much.

Anyway.  Alice and Boris continue their fight here.  It’s interesting, because Boris backs off after Alice pushes him away for being too forward.  He forced a kiss on her, and she cried and ran away.  But then she regrets it, and Boris thinks she hates him, so he stays away.  Which only makes Alice angrier.  They’re separated for a good portion of the volume, and are reunited via a fight with Ace when he tries to bring Alice to the Clover doors.  They have a lot of heated discussions about trust and personal boundaries… it was all a bit more serious than these spin-offs have been so far.  Well done!

Ace is acting creepy in this series, though I liked the implication that he gets lost easily because he doesn’t know what he wants, much like Alice doesn’t know what she wants.  We kind of assume it’s Boris in this series, though Boris also doesn’t seem to be the right answer, either.

Weirdly, they officially start dating at the end of the volume?  Though because it’s Alice, that doesn’t really mean a whole lot.  I am glad she can admit she really likes him, though.

Also also, Boris is usually drawn with his hair over one eye, and when we do see the eye, it was normally when he was smiling, so I always thought he was winking at her.  But that eye is always closed in this volume, even when he’s serious… does he only have one eye?  I don’t remember this being explained in the main series, but it has been a long time since I read it.  I also don’t remember the regular Cheshire Cat only having one eye, or permanently winking.  So I wonder.

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