Black Bird 17

June 16, 2015

Kanoko Sakurakouji – Viz – 2013 – 18 volumes

At this point, Black Bird is reeeeeally stretching this last story arc out.  I thought there would be some sort of adversary that they had to defeat in order to save the Senka Maiden (again), but that doesn’t happen here, and isn’t likely to.

One conflict early in the volume is that Kyo wants to put Misao into suspended animation until they find a cure.  He gets angry because he loves her too much to let her die, and she gets upset to the point of passing out and doing herself serious medical harm because she doesn’t want life to pass her by.

I’m pretty sure one whole chapter was other characters talking about how Misao has a natural inclination to be loved.

There are lots of Special Shoujo Moments throughout the volume, lots of private time, two-page spreads of the two of them being together, et cetera.

Towards the end of the volume, another story element pops up when Misao is trying to decide if she needs to tell her parents Kyo is a demon.

There is a plot element I’m leaving out that makes all of this more ridiculous.  And soapy.  So soapy.  But part of me still loves it.  The part that has loved this ridiculous and sad, soapy series all the way through.

One more volume!

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