Crimson Spell 5

June 16, 2015

Ayano Yamane – SuBLime – 2014 – 5+ volumes

Yamane keeps alluding to the fact the story is approaching the end!  I’m guessing it’ll be at least 7 volumes, because the ultimate enemy… we see him here, and he has Lim’s face, but we still aren’t quite sure what he’s up to?  I mean, we kind of are (he’s binding demons to weapons to fuse with people, and Vald is the only success so far), but… I guess I’m still curious to see what he’s up to in terms of what he’s doing in this town, and what other cursed weapons are floating around?  I’m not completely confident all my questions will be answered, but on the other hand, I mostly came for the sex, so that’s probably fine.

They get to the capitol of the country they’re in, and it’s pretty great.  It’s a city infused with magic, and the citizens have magic stones that help them to get around now that the magic is fading from the land.  Except the stones are stealing their life force, and the bad wizard may be feeding it to a monster or the little girl princess of the land.  They keep trying to kidnap Vald, and eventually successfully do.  He and Havi are on slightly better terms at the beginning, but spend most of the volume apart anyway.

It doesn’t sound like I give the book a lot of credit, but it’s actually a pretty great fantasy series.  Yamane’s art is, once again, fantastic, and she’s great at drawing buildings, scenery, clothing, monsters, and pretty much everything (weirdly, the thing with the ears is once again absent, so those look good, too).

The slight irreverence in the first volume that I enjoyed is gone, but I don’t mind what it has turned into.  I am surprised she doesn’t make it a little more sexy (I’ve read the Finder series, and the early volumes), but I don’t mind that, either.  I’m waiting for the big Vald/Havi payoff at the end.  I know Yamane is good for it.

I read these last three volumes in the space of a couple hours, and I regret it terribly.  Here’s hoping volume 6 comes out in Japan, at least, this year.

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