Inu-Yasha 11 (VizBig ed.)

June 16, 2015

Rumiko Takahashi – Viz – 2012 – 56 volumes
(this is an omnibus containing vols. 31-33)

On one hand, there’s always something for me in Inu-Yasha.  There’s an awesome bird-demon and her daughter in this set of volumes.  You don’t see the mother until volume 3, but the daughter (some sort of demon princess) is a great character.  Super powerful, very predatory, and extremely snobbish to the half-demons Naraku and Inu-Yasha.  Apparently her mother was poisoned by Naraku’s miasma, and she needs blood to purify her mother.  So there’s about a volume as she runs from village to village with Inu-Yasha in her wake.  Later, her mother wakes up, and her mother is a huge demon with a very unique attribute.

Sadly, both of them bite the dust quickly once Naraku is done with them.  I was disappointed.

On the other hand, Inu-Yasha is very repetitive.  Paramount in annoyance in this volume is that Kikyo is a huge topic in these three volumes.  I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH HER.  Similarly, we have to see Sango struggling with Kohaku being violent again.  Guess what?  Naraku is one step ahead of all the characters in all three volumes!  The big reveal, the place all the characters are trying to get to during all three volumes… was someplace we’ve already seen.

I got a little excited when I realized the Shikon shard they’re going after is the last shard, but nothing comes of that this time.  Maybe next volume.  It’s a quick read, and I will likely finish the whole series now that I’m more than halfway, but I really hope it switches gears now that we’re done (?) with the Shikon shards.

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