Maoh: Juvenile Remix 9

June 16, 2015

Megumi Osuga – Viz – 2012 – 10 volumes

I was looking at the cover of this volume, trying to remember who this character was.  And then I remembered, he was just some murderer.  Then I realized the same is probably true for most of the cover illustrations in this series.

This series is so underrated.  It is indescribably dark and depraved, and so unlike most shounen manga.  It has a little more in common with Future Diary than almost any other series I read.

Junya comes up against the criminal organization Fraulein in this volume.  Fraulein has control of the city now that Inukai has moved on to bigger and better political targets.  The mayor isn’t a fool, and tries to string them along, but eventually they deal drugs that hook everyone in the area to their purpose.

The leader of Fraulein has a son who he dotes on.  The son is an awful human being, but there’s something vaguely humorous about him doing something completely morally reprehensible, like running down a pedestrian, then calling his dad to tell a story about an accident, then his gangster-looking father getting drawn all shoujo-y because his son called him.  Part of me feels bad for liking that as much as I do, but that’s just this series.

There’s lots of dealings with assassins in this volume, and Junya learns a valuable lesson that money can buy pretty much everything.  There’s an amazing scene where Junya tries to make the argument that money can’t bring his brother back, but then the person tells him it buys everything else.  So un-manga-like!

If I had a criticism, it’s that we’ve basically lost the thread of the story here.  What started out as Endo facing off against Inukai… isn’t really about that anymore.  Except it still kind of is, because Junya is trying to kill Inukai.  But then we have to deal with Fraulein, for some reason?  And all these other people teaching Junya how to be a murderer?  Does there really need to be so many people doing it?

All the same, with all the strange goings-on, I am really pumped to see how this is going to end in one volume.  It could wrap everything up, but I have no idea how.

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