We Were There 15

June 16, 2015

Yuuki Obata – Viz – 2012 – 16 volumes

Continuing on my recent quest to finish up old favorites, I picked up the last two volumes of We Were There.  I may have let this one languish because, as good as it is (shoujo melodrama doesn’t get much better than this), it’s almost too good at what it does.  It’s a bit uncomfortable to read.  And I hated that Nana had never given up on Yano, who still doesn’t strike me as a good guy.

But everything is just so… sweet and sad here.  Yano and Takeuchi hang out at the beginning of this volume, and it’s clear that Takeuchi, despite being flatly rejected by Nana, seems to still think that Nana is best for Yano.  He just wants to see them happy, because he is a good guy.

And Yano and Nana both… well, Nana, at least, keeps thinking about Yano.  Yano is occupied by Yamamoto’s family troubles, but is still thinking of Nana.  Sometimes.

There is an awesome scene between Yano and Nana’s friend Sengenji.  She basically lays it out for him, because she can somehow read him like a book.

I like that the characters age, and I love the soap.  I really do.  But part of my rapidly maturing and withering heart wishes Nana could have found a better guy after all these years.  On the other hand, then it wouldn’t be the storybook shoujo manga thing anymore.

So here’s hoping for a happy ending in volume 16!  Part of me wonders if that is even possible anymore but then again, it is a shoujo manga.

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