Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz 3

June 28, 2015

QuinRose / Mamenosuke Fujimaru – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2012 – 7 volumes

Slow, but good!  It might only seem slow because I’m reading it so fast, though.

This one has a rather exciting start, since last volume ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.  Literally, Alice is hanging off the edge of a cliff that opens up in the unstable forest.  Boris saves her, but injures himself, and there’s a cute scene afterwards.  Their relationship moves on, and seems to be doing well.  I’ve not read such a well-developed relationship in one of these spinoffs yet, so that was nice.

Ace is major creepy in this series, and his disturbing behavior continues to be a plot point here.  I’m not entirely convinced it’s going somewhere different or interesting yet, but I’m somewhat intrigued, if only because he seems to have done violence to Alice here.

A plot point I didn’t understand from the end of this volume seems to have more of a bearing on the “Alice in the Country of Clover” plot – mainly, that Peter White is somehow linked to Alice’s sister, because he shares a memory, or is the sister?  I don’t quite get it, hopefully it will be a bit more clear.  The characters hint that Alice has to lose her memories of her sister in order to gain her life in the Country of Clover entirely… apparently finding reason to stay, in Boris, isn’t enough.  I’m waiting for her to gain some sort of role, or to lose her beating heart.

We also learn what Boris’s job actually is.  Actually, this was mentioned cryptically last volume, so it gives me hope that my questions about the weird stuff in this volume will be answered soon.

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