Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s Knowledge 2

June 28, 2015

QuinRose / Sia Asai – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2013 – 3 volumes

Ooh, I like this one!  It’s a whole lot more serious and less silly than the others.

Lots of complications, most of which we’ve already seen.  But they have much more gravity in this series.  Alice is initially avoiding Ace since Peter tried to talk her into confessing her feelings, and she couldn’t.  Elliot, who is quite earnestly (and adorably) in love with her steps in and honestly tries to date her, but her heart isn’t in it, and she feels bad for leading Elliot on.  Later, she and Ace make up, but the morose, sad, smiling Ace in this world is continuously too much for Alice, and her feelings make her sad.  At one point, he appears to drive her away to the point that Boris has to step in and save her.

Later, Peter mentions that if she were truly happy giving her heart to Ace, she would smile more and be less sad.  An unusually great line from these books.

This also dwells more on “Where do you want to go” and “what is a role,” though… not a lot of serious attempts are made to answer these questions.  Possibly because there aren’t answers, but that’s not super-satisfying in a series like this.  Other than re-treading previous Clover ground, and angsting and going back and forth about a relationship with Ace, there’s not… a whole lot else to wrap up here?  I’ll be interested to see if they make a happy ending out of this story, or if there’s a conclusion to the “storyline” in the next volume that wraps up more than just the relationship.

Mostly, I wish volume 4 of Cheshire Cat Waltz wasn’t taking so long to arrive, because I really, reeeeeally want to read that one, which has a less angsty relationship and seems to be going through the Clover storyline nice and slow.

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