Black Bird 18

June 28, 2015

Kanoko Sakurakouji – Viz – 2014 – 18 volumes

“I love you, Kyo!”
“I love you, Misao!”
“No, I love YOU, Kyo!”
“Misao, I LOVE YOU.”

That’s pretty much the last three volumes of this series.  Interesting that it sets up for a big, dramatic storyline, then becomes more about the two main characters enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company as a deadline looms.  It’s super-cute, and none cuter than this final volume.  And, to be fair, Kyo never tells Misao he loves her before this, so that was a big deal (and to be even fairer, I didn’t notice until Misao pointed that out… but few shoujo manga love interests are as sappy as Kyo, so I wouldn’t have noticed).

It actually goes out of its way to avoid drama.  A potential storyline about Misao’s parents/mom is avoided handily early on, in favor of Misao and Kyo being cute together.

It was a refreshing ending to a drama-packed series.  I enjoyed the whole thing way more than I should have, but I was happy to see it end like this after so many years.

2 Responses to “Black Bird 18”

  1. themooninautumn Says:

    Black Bird gets hated on hard by a lot of reviewers, so I’m glad to read that someone was able to enjoy it, as I did. : )

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