Blade of the Immortal 28

June 28, 2015

Hiroaki Samura – Dark Horse – 2014 – 31 volumes

Ugh, this volume was ROUGH.  Again, I am not that interested in side characters.  But side characters are what we get here.  Most of the volume is a fight that Giichi is having.  It is intense in a way that few series other than Blade of the Immortal can pull off.  His opponent is missing an arm, and instead has two weighted chains.  The way he swings these around makes it impossible for Giichi to go in at close range.  Body parts go flying, et cetera.  In the first half of the book, we also get to see Hyakurin fight and nearly violated again.

In the middle… there’s another fight.  It’s suitably epic, and at one point involves a giant man with a giant sword wiping out a whole group of people, after a bunch of build-up from the members along the lines of “we’ve trained hard enough, we can do it!”  And that was cool.  But man.  I don’t care who the giant man was, nor did I care about the people he was wiping out.  I also didn’t care about any of the other people in the middle of the book, because they were not Rin or Manji.

Better luck next time, I guess.  Maybe Rin and Manji will be back on the trail of Anotsu.  I… really don’t care about the rest of the plot at this point.

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