Citrus 1

June 28, 2015

Saburouta – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2014 – 3+ volumes

Shoujo ai!  I’m glad this is easier to come by, now.  I was torn between this volume and Whispered Words, but this came recently and was on top, so I tried this one out first.

Yuzu’s mom just remarried, which means Yuzu has moved and is at a new school.  It’s a fairly classy all-girls school, with a strict dress code that doesn’t agree with the girly Yuzu.  No cellphones, makeup, no dyed hair, no accessories, no jewelry, no altered uniform, no clothing other than uniform clothing, et cetera.  The Student Council President, Mei, gets on Yuzu the first day at school.  Steamed about all the regulations, Yuzu goes home… to learn that Mei is her new step-sister.  Worse yet, Mei kisses her.  Yuzu spends the rest of the volume trying to figure that out.

Yuzu is outspoken and a little ditzy, Mei seems cold and unfeeling.  The chapters each have their own story… in one, Yuzu stands up for Mei and tries to get her and her skeevy fiancee broken up.  In another, Mei meets Yuzu’s grandfather, the chairman of the school, and gets herself expelled and her new family broken up.  Most of the romance consists of Mei doing something out of character and Yuzu getting confused.  At one point while apologizing, Yuzu’s shirt flies open, which I thought was funny.

I haaaaaaaate that they are sisters (seriously, the step-sibling romance plot is one of my least favorite), and I’m not that into the romance yet.  But this series seems pretty highly regarded, so I’m going to keep reading.

3 Responses to “Citrus 1”

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  2. Oliver Says:

    I loved that something from Yuri Hime was being published but the story did not grab me and the pretty art could not redeem it for me.

  3. ZeroiaSD Says:

    I liked this one. Yea, not fond of sibling elements, but aside from that, I did feel the emotions of the characters strongly, and at least the two only just got thrown into the situation just now.

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