Demon Love Spell 2

June 28, 2015

Mayu Shinjo  – Viz – 2013 – 6 volumes

Finding and reading the last volume of Sensual Phrase put me in the mood for more Mayu Shinjo.  I’m further along in Ai Ore, but a story about an incubus appeals to the large part of me that loves dirty shoujo manga as well as demons.

The first story in the volume is actually rather heartbreaking.  Miko encounters a fox demon while on a school trip, and the fox demon confuses her with a priestess he used to know.  Kagura gets jealous, meanwhile the fox spirit turns into a fox-boy and is kind to the students on the trip, all while earnestly trying to convince Miko that he is the one for her.  He is adorable, and the end to this story is touching in a way that I was not expecting from Demon Love Spell.  It was an awesome story.

The second story in the volume is more what I imagined.  To keep Kagura from groping her and entering her dreams, she makes him promise to not touch her for a month, and in return he can do whatever he wants on “lovey dovey day” that isn’t sex.  Meanwhile, a small demon tries to rescue his kidnapped sister by stealing Kagura’s powers, and he eats Miko’s soul to get at him.

Actually, that story was kind of touching as well.  The brother demon was adorable.

Demon Love Spell isn’t quite as… heartfelt as Sensual Phrase.  Little is.  But it mostly scratches the itch, and I was pleased with how much I enjoyed both of these stories.

Mayu Shinjo’s author notes were a little depressing here.  In one, she says she always uses up all her ideas for a series in each volume, because she never knows when it will be the last.  Then she has to think of more, and that’s just her job.  Later, there are several anecdotes about how popular the fox spirit was, and how she had to be really adamant about how the story had to end.  There’s even a little strip at the end where she has to explain to her editor over and over again what has to happen with the fox spirit.  Another talks about how busy she is all the time.

These are a far cry from the gushy music fan notes in Sensual Phrase.  I’ve been noticing this more and more lately… on one hand, I know these ladies are aging right along with me, but on the other hand, the recent author notes from Mayu Shinjo and Chika Shiomi depress me more because they reveal just a little bit more of what a hard, horrible grind their job really is, and the toll that has probably taken on them in the last 20+ years.

I… see that Mayu Shinjo only draws BL comics now?  While a series called “A Teacher’s Innocence, a Student’s Lust” doesn’t really sound like something I’d be into, I still have high hopes.

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