Alice in the Country of Clover: Nightmare

July 21, 2015

QuinRose / Job – Seven Seas Entertainment – 2014 – 1 volume

Mmm… the artist, Job… most of these spin-offs are drawn by Mamenosuke Fujimaru, so it is a little jarring when the style switches.  Especially with this artist.  Job uses heavy inks, way less detail… and is almost gestural.  Given that a big part of this series are the detailed and ornate costumes, I’m a little surprised Job was chosen to draw one of these.  But I kinda liked the completely different style.

I had to know what a Nightmare path was like.  It was awesome.  Nightmare is physically weak and very sick, and rather a wuss.  He’s the only character that doesn’t use weapons.  But he can also read everyone’s minds, and can pop in and out of existence through dreams.  Basically, there is nobody more powerful than him.  This volume goes through the trouble of spelling that out for the reader, and the characters.  Alice and Gray et al are trying to find a weapon that Nightmare can use to defend himself, but he fails miserably at all of them.  But he has two confrontations with a faceless gang, and both of them end spectacularly.

Unfortunately, the Nightmare story is only half a volume.  The rest is a Dee and Dum story (I like these, mostly because I find them so horrifying), a Peter White story (!!! I’ve never read one of those before, either!  I hate him, but this story was so weird because it was him), and the last quarter is Crimson Empire.

I’m not that into the Crimson Empire stories in these books since I haven’t read the main series yet… but I suspect I wouldn’t be a fan even if I read the main books.  Crimson Empire is a dating sim/otome game like Alice, with multiple paths.  But where Alice’s main series has 6 volumes, Crimson Empire has only 3, and doesn’t have the benefit of us already “knowing” the characters like the ones from Alice in Wonderland.  So I think that one probably won’t translate into manga as well.  Thus, character-dependent stories like this are less appealing.  But I’d buy anything from QuinRose, really.  I’m hoping to see their Peter Pan game/manga in English.

Fun fact:  I didn’t realize until yesterday that Nightmare was supposed to be the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland.  He carries a pipe in the game (more of a dead giveaway), but I suspect isn’t allowed to in the manga versions.  He makes a little more sense now.

I’m DYING to read the Nightmare Trilogy now.  The third book came out this month (I’m writing this in March), and all three are on their way to me.  Hooray!

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